Introducing Grandstream’s full range of door phone and access control solutions

Introducing Grandstream’s full range of door phone and access control solutions

Through extensive research and development, VoIP industry experts Grandstream, have added yet another solution to their vast range of products and services. Grandstream’s range of access control systems can track and monitor access to your premise and provide dedicated audio and video via intercom, while also offering powerful integration with Grandstream’s full solutions portfolio. This range of access control accessories work hand-in-hand to create more value and create a complete end-to-end solution.

Grandstream’s full range of doorphone accessories consists of the following products.


Grandstream SIP Doorphone intercom with RF card reader – GS-GDS3705

This audio door system is the ideal solution for access control and security monitoring and can easily be deployed in environments of all sizes. This system offers full intercom functionality and can support SIP calls to your Grandstream IP phone. With its weatherproof and vandal-resistant design, it allows for alarm-in and alarm-out support enabling integration with your existing security system. This device can also fulfil the requirement of a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader for time and attendance and access control, making it the perfect device for all small to medium size applications for partners who want to keep their solution simple yet effective.

Grandstream SIP Doorphone intercom with 2MP video camera and RF card reader – GS-GDS3710

This HD Video Door System can track, manage and record access to buildings of all sizes while also serving as an IP surveillance camera and IP intercom. This accessory offers powerful integration with other Grandstream solutions providing you with a complete solution for access control, video intercom and security monitoring.

Grandstream USB Card Reader – GS-GDS3710-RFID-RD

Grandstream’s USB RFID Card Reader can be installed and connected to any computer, allowing you to centrally program and assign key fobs and even track, monitor and manage all RFID Card Reader activity using Grandstream’s free GDS Manager Software. This RFID Card Reader can seamlessly integrate with Grandstream’s range of IP Door Systems.

Mounting Kit – GS-GDS-INWALL

The In-Wall Mounting Kit is available for use with the GDS3710 and GDS3705. This mounting kit allows the Grandstream door phones to be mounted flush within a wall rather on than on the surface of the wall. This mounting kit can be used for solid wall, stud and drywall installation.

Grandstream’s RFID Key Fob – GS-GDS-KEY

This contactless ID key fob is easy to set up and use, making it ideal for access control, attendance and security applications. The RFID Key Fob can be paired with the Grandstream doorphone range and the USB RFID Card Reader. This device receives radio energy from the RFID Card Reader to power the key fob and its ability to interact with any Grandstream doorphone device and the USB RFID Card Reader.

All of these Grandstream accessories play a fundamental role in the execution of a complete end-to-end solution, but the magic is in the management and Grandstream offers a central management system for all your access control needs. Be on the lookout for our next article, where we will take a closer look at the Grandstream Manager – a comprehensive software that enables you to connect and manage multiple Grandstream systems, it provides users with the ability to configure multiple accounts with varying user-access permissions.

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