Important things to consider when selecting a VoIP handset

Important things to consider when selecting a VoIP handset

Being able to communicate easily and clearly is the foundation of all good communication and so when selecting the correct phone for your business or home use, it is important to look at the following features.

1. Configuration

Configuring a single phone might only take a couple of minutes, but when you have mass roll-outs in large enterprises or multiple home users, you need something easier and faster – you need Grandstream’s auto-provisioning system, free of charge to all Grandstream handset customers.

2. Voice quality

Grandstream has been supplying the world with high-quality VoIP handsets for more than a decade and you can trust them to deliver the best possible voice quality with their HD voice capable range of handsets.

3. Affordability

Choosing a supplier that has an appealing pricing structure will be a deciding factor in selecting a VoIP brand. Your objective as a buyer should be to find the highest performing device at the lowest possible price, Grandstream promises just that.

4. Warranty

Everyone wants peace of mind and surety when purchasing a VoIP handset, it is for this reason that Grandsream offers a standard 2-year warranty on all their handsets, backed by stock availability for quick and easy swap-outs at MiRO.


When choosing a phone to be used in a business and at home, it is important to choose a brand that will meet your requirements. Grandstream has established itself as a top-tier telephony supplier and that will continue to grow their footprint based of the bedrock of success they have experienced with their phones, because at Grandstream they know, that once you have a phone, you are one step closer to connecting yourself to the world, opening up endless opportunities for yourself and your business.

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