Reduce the time and complexity of VoIP rollouts with VoWiFi

Reduce the time and complexity of VoIP rollouts with VoWiFi

Grandstream Networks’ voice-over-Wi-Fi solution extends access to VoIP networks through Wi-Fi, rather than through hard-wired connections. There are no additional service plans needed as Wi-Fi voice networks utilise the same backend SIP services as any wired VoIP network, but the connections are wirelessly extended to endpoints through a Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi voice can help you save on traditional costs associated with telephone systems and reduce the time it takes to get a large project, or just an additional line up and running – no extra cable required.

Advantages to moving over to Wi-Fi voice:

  • Utilise existing Wi-Fi Environments

Most businesses already have powerful Wi-Fi networks in place that are designed to cover every corner of the office. Rather than maintaining an endless maze of Ethernet cabling, Wi-Fi voice wirelessly transmits voice and video using your existing Wi-Fi network.

  • Streamline installation and management

Wi-Fi voice eliminates the time-consuming and expensive process of running cables and installing switches in every corner of the office to provide a SIP connection. New deployments or expansions are as easy as placing a Wi-Fi IP phone on your desk.

  • Office mobility

With Wi-Fi voice you can wirelessly receive or place calls from anywhere. The wireless office is truly the office of the future, and Wi-Fi voice is playing a major factor in allowing the world to realize the power of wireless offices. Grandstream is on the forefront of supporting this movement through their many Wi-Fi voice solutions.

How to build a Wi-Fi Voice Solution?

It is really quite simple. Add Wi-Fi APs to the same network as your on-premise, cloud or hosted PBX, and then connect Wi-Fi-capable IP phones, video conferencing devices and other endpoints to the Wi-Fi network offered by those APs.

Grandstream offers every device that you will need to build a Wi-Fi voice network, including Wi-Fi APs, cloud Wi-Fi management, Wi-Fi IP phones, Wi-Fi conferencing devices and more. For more information about Grandsteam products, have a look here.

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