Value adding complementary items for your Grandstream solution

Value adding complementary items for your Grandstream solution

Grandstream offers a full suite of scalable solutions that can be combined to create a powerful yet easy-to-manage platform. Herein lies a list of Grandstream’s 5 main areas of expertise along with recommended complementary solutions that adds value to your complete Grandstream solution.

IP Phones

Incorporating headsets into your VoIP solution enable users to work, take notes, and find files and many other things while on the phone. This physical freedom lets you determine how much attention to give to the phone call and in turn, increase your productivity.

Grandtream also offers users complementary software solutions, these solutions include GS Affinity, GAPS and G-Wave.

  • G-Wave, Grandstream’s free mobile app, enables you to pair your work line with your mobile device enabling you to be both mobile and productive.
  • GS Affinity links your computer and Grandstream phone in one Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution for increased call efficiency and overall work productivity.
  • GAPS (Grandstream Automatic Provisioning System) provides enterprise administrators and service providers direct and secure control over device provisioning and streamlines mass deployment of Grandstream’s entire phone family.
Video Conferencing

Grandstream’s HD conferencing solutions can be customised to suit your boardroom applications. Grandstream’s additional speaker, GAC2500, compliments your conferencing solutions by extending the range of your speakers and microphones that can be used in conjunction with the GBC 32 Series. Another addition to your conferencing solutions includes IPVT (IP Video Talk). This platform enables you to host your own web-based conferences or webinars and eliminates the need for any hardware.


The eCost telephone management software is tailor-made to be used on with our Grandstream UCM platform for real-time monitoring and reporting.

Facility Access Systems

Grandstream’s series of facility access systems track and manage access to your physical building and provides dedicated audio and/or video intercom while also offering powerful integration with Grandstream’s full solutions portfolio. This range of access control accessories work hand-in-hand together to create more value and create a complete end-to-end solution.

Wireless Networking

Grandstream’s much-anticipated cordless Wi-Fi IP phone was designed and introduced to help empower employees on the move in order to increase efficiency, mobility and productivity. The Wi-Fi phone is designed to suit a variety of enterprises, including retail, logistics, medical and security. It allows users to make and receive calls from anywhere that has Wi-Fi coverage within an office, store, warehouse, hospital, construction site and more.

GWN.Cloud is another complementary software solution for Grandstream’s wireless networking devices. The GWN.Cloud is a scalable, enterprise-grade cloud Wi-Fi management platform for Grandstream’s Wi-Fi access points. This platform allows installers, network managers and end-users to deploy Wi-Fi networks within seconds by scanning a device’s barcode using the GWN Cloud mobile app.

Grandstream’s extensive range of complementary items not only help increase the value of the primary product purchased but also allows for intuitive and powerful IP solutions that are applicable to small or large businesses.


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