Enhance your security system with SIP-Based access control

Enhance your security system with SIP-Based access control

Integrating your access control solution with your communications system enables the two to join forces in order to keep your premises safe and connected. Using Grandstream’s IP video door phones to view live video feeds and record all visitors’ coming and going using Grandstream’s network video recorders, and use Grandstream’s IP PBXs, which supports video, to anchor the entire communication platform.

Grandstream’s new generation of SIP-based access control offers multiple uses. Grandstream’s IP door phones support the use of RFID cards, making it the ideal access control solution for offices, commercial facilities, warehouses, stores and more. Combining your Grandstream video phone with your GDS doorphone enables you to view live video feeds, connect with a guest on the opposite end and allows them access to your facility through the casual touch of a button.

Case 1:

An ideal solution for service providers who (work with homeowners associations in gated communities or landlords for apartment buildings) are looking for a way to centralise their access control systems through the use of SIP (Session Identification Protocol)

For example, if you are visiting a friend within a gated community or an apartment building and you dial their house number (extension). The call then gets split by the Grandstream UCM PBX and the correct route is assigned, allowing the designated call to reach the intended recipient. Upon receiving the guests call request, the homeowner can grant access through inputting a digital password that will send a signal through to the doorphone’s built-in relays, allowing entrance to the facility.

Case 2:

With the use of multiple GDS doorphones, your solution offering can change rapidly. Grandstream’s new range of video phones (GXV) have a high volume of SIP accounts available allowing you to monitor and maintain multiple facilities all under the management of a single desktop video phone. For example, if you are in Gauteng and you want to check up on your property in Cape Town and let the driver in to collect stock, but you also want to monitor that he goes in and out, you simply phone your doorphone.

Through the innovation of SIP and it’s synergy with surveillance technology, Grandstream has developed a dynamic and complete SIP-Based access control system. Meaning, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet connectivity, you can access and control your premises from the comfort of your home or office. This simple and easy-to-use solution provides you with full autonomy over your security system.


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