Grandstream launches their all new, low cost, PBX appliance

ucm6102_front_back ucm6116

Grandstream networks, a long time manufacturer and pioneer in the VoIP telephony market, have launched their very own VoIP PBX! This system runs the popular open source VoIP platform, Asterisk, at its core, but implements a very easy to use graphical interface for configuration and maintenance purposes.

These new devices are known as the UCM series and come in a range of different physical sizes, with different analogue interface configurations. The different models are:

UCM6102 – 2x FXO Ports, 2x FXS Ports

UCM6104- 4x FXO Ports, 2x FXS Ports

UCM6108 – 8x FXO Ports, 2x FXS Ports

UCM61116 – 16x FXO Ports, 2x FXS Ports

Although these systems come in different port configurations and different sizes, they all make use of the same configuration method, and feature set, meaning they all have the exact same functionality.

These devices provide all of the functionality your SMB could ask for, right out of the box, with no additional cost for extra features, and no recurring fees whatsoever. This makes them a perfect choice for any small to medium sized business.

Some of the great feature you will find, that the UCM PBX offers are:

  • Built in FXO and FXS ports for integration with legacy telephony lines/devices
  • Auto provisioning system for popular VoIP handset brands
  • Fully featured IVR / Digital Receptionist
  • Gigabit Network Port with integrated PoE (PBX power up via 802.3at PoE)
  • Advanced call reporting
  • Voicemail to email
  • Much, Much more….

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