Why experts choose Grandstream’s cordless phone solution

Why experts choose Grandstream’s cordless phone solution

Digitally enhanced cordless telephone technology (DECT) is a radio technology is specifically designed for wireless voice communication. At the time of its first inception, DECT revolutionised telecommunications as it gave people the freedom to move around while communicating on their phones, meaning people were no longer bound to their desk to receive calls.

With the introduction of Grandstream’s new DECT range, the world of cordless telephony is about to change again! You can check out these devices here.

Grandstream’s 3rd generation of DECT phones has the long-awaited hardware upgrade we have all been waiting for. In order for us to share some real-world experience of using these phones, we engaged with some of the first adopters in the country to see what their perspectives and opinions were. We sat down with an internet service provider and a business end-user – both having experience with the Grandstream DECT range. The aim of the below interviews were to gauge what their experience was with the second generation and what improvements they are looking forward to.

We sat down with Simtel – An ITSP based in Durban. Simtell installs DECT solutions almost weekly and has been a dedicated supporter of Grandstream hardware since 2014. With the company’s extensive knowledge and experience of working with Grandstream, they had the following to say.


MiRO: We are getting ready to launch Grandstream’s 3rd generation of DECT cordless phones and base stations. Is this something you have been looking forward to? Why did you initially start buying Grandstream DECT’s over other vendors solutions?

Simtel: Initially, before MiRO and Grandstream released their DECT solution, we had another supplier of DECT. After MiRO launched the first series of Grandstream DECT phones, we were quite skeptical because we hadn’t worked with the brand before. Our first exposure to using Grandstream was their PBX systems, which worked perfectly for us and enabled us to trust that Grandstream had other surprises for us further on in their range. We then decided to give their cordless DECT phones a go and was pleasantly surprised. When a brand can offer you quality alongside a range of different products it helps businesses like ours to keep our shopping to one basket. It also helps with support and maintenance, knowing one brand helps us be a specialist in that brand.

MiRO: As a service provider, what good does it do for you to be able to offer DECT as a VoIP solution?

Simtel: We install numerous PBX systems on a monthly basis and my sales team is equipped to offer the DECT in the initial pitch. When customers have been requesting a particular solution for years, it’s the first thing you lead with when receiving new opportunities.

MiRO: When you install new systems, how likely is it that you will need to include DECT?

Simtel: More than half of the installations we do require cordless roaming. There’s always at least one employee on the move and thanks to Grandstream’s DECT solutions fantastic price point, it surely is a very reasonable solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

MiRO: What are you looking forward to the most about Grandsteam’s 3rd Generation of DECT?

Simtel: Whenever there is an expected upgrade on hardware, we as consumers always believe that everything will be better, the quality, the design, the price, but that’s not always the case. Grandstream’s development team has been so proactive and open to our requests that we didn’t need an upgraded unit. The 2nd generation of DECT’s work perfectly. But now we find out about upgrades and new generation devices and we can only look forward to some new surprises.

MiRO: You’ve been a dedicated fan of Grandstream for over 5 years, my only question is WHY?

Stuart: It’s simple really, no magic formula needed other than attractive products and a reasonable price with fantastic support and ever-increasing features being added as more firmware upgrades get released. Grandstream makes it easy to thrive as an ITSP and they are very open to their customer queries.



Next, we sat down with an end-user, someone who is working with the devices on a day-to-day basis. We spoke with Jaco – a Key Account Manager at a medium sized business. Jaco works within an office environment and his position within the company requires a lot of moving around. A perfect example of the ideal Grandstream cordless phone user.

MiRO: As a user of a Grandstream DECT phone, what are the most important features you try to find when utilizing a mobile system?

Jaco:  I need clear crisp voice quality. The range is of utmost importance as I want to be truly mobile within our large building. Battery life must see me through the working day. The handset must be light and be able to fit in my hand comfortably. That is exactly what the Grandstream offers me – just brilliant!

MiRO: In your experience, what have been the most noticeable differences between the 2nd Generation DECT and this new 3rd Generation series.

Jaco: Range has been remarkable, and I have yet to find a spot in our 4000 square meter property that has poor reception, or a drop in the call.

MiRO: As a DECT user yourself who do you think benefits most from DECT within the office environment?

Jaco: The Individual that wants to be in touch and in tune at all times! If it is freedom and mobility you desire, The Grandstream DECT 722 handset is the way to go!

Based on these interviews we can confidently say that quality, cost-effective and up to date functionality are hallmarks of what makes Grandstreams range of cordless DECT phones the perfect solution. The 3rd generation of DECT’s are available at all MiRO branches. Be the first to test and try the next stage of DECT’s evolution and get them while stocks last.


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