Go from Zero to Hero with MiRO’s one-day trainings!

Go from Zero to Hero with MiRO’s one-day trainings!

Book your seat TODAY and learn about the basics, best practices and product solutions for Wireless, Fibre and IP Surveillance with our newly launched one-day introductory courses.


Why limit yourself to only one sector of the ICT environment? With our all new Zero-to-Hero trainings, we provide you with the skills and knowledge to empower yourself to expand on your business opportunities. By providing you with all the need-to-know basics regarding solutions for fibre, wireless, IP surveillance applications, and more, our Zero-to-Hero training offers you the opportunity to gain the skills you need to go from Zero to Hero in your industry; as well as to boost your confidence to expand into different market sectors!


Our current offering of Zero-to-Hero trainings include:


Understanding Wireless: The wireless training aims to provide you with the information, skills and knowledge on planning, implementing, and maintaining successful wireless solutions.

Understanding Fibre: The fibre foundation training focuses on the need-to-know basics of Fibre-to-the-Home applications. This course will successfully equip you with an outline of EPON and GPON, the technology and deployment solutions, as well as basic FTTx protocols, and more.

Understanding IP Surveillance (coming soon!): Coming soon in August 2018, a module on the basics of IP surveillance will also be offered across all four branches, this training will teach you the basics of IP camera features, networking basics for IP cameras, best practice application solutions, and more.


“As the Training Department, we are in a constant state of development,” says Johan Koekemoer, Head of the Training Department at MiRO. “Based on demand and ever-changing technologies, we develop in-house training to empower our customers with the required skills and knowledge to build, implement, and maintain successful ICT solutions.”

With zero pre-requisites to attend, cost-conscious training fees, and the promise of best practice and latest product solution trainings from leaders in the industry, the unbeatable value of the Zero-to-Hero trainings are immeasurable. These courses are now available for bookings, with more soon to be introduced; such as the fundamentals of VoIP applications and Networking.


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