Get Virtual Environment Support with Switchvox 6 using VMware

Get Virtual Environment Support with Switchvox 6 using VMware

Switchvox 6, available for on-premises deployments, delivers more efficient call handling, improved performance, and an enhanced user experience. In addition, it has achieved VMware Ready status and is supported on VMware vSphere for production environments. This means that you now have access to a variety of virtual management support features, the three major features being: scalability, cost savings, and disaster recovery.



Virtualizing your Switchvox system releases you from stringent hardware requirements and specifications. VMWare gives you the flexibility to adjust system resources on the fly, giving you a phone system that grows with the success of your business and delivers the performance you demand from your communications. Virtualization allows for significant resources to be allocated to communications, opening up Switchvox as an option to larger, enterprise-level organizations.


Cost Savings

VMWare support for Switchvox allows you to take advantage of your existing virtual environment and eliminates the need for costly, dedicated voice appliances. Having fewer appliances also significantly reduces maintenance and power costs.


Disaster Recovery

Downtime costs money, and virtualization is the key to ensuring that downtime is minimized. Utilizing VMware vSphere High Availability makes enterprise-level failover possible with Switchvox, allowing your company to stay connected to customers at all times.


Virtual support (via VMware only – as of now) for Switchvox has opened up this award-winning business phone system to companies that were previously either too large or had stringent downtime requirements to include on their list of options. Now companies of all sizes can take advantage of the best value in Unified Communications.


See for yourself how Switchvox 6 and virtualization can solve your company’s most challenging communications problems at a fraction of the price of the competition.  Sign up for a demo today!  

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(Source: Brian Ferguson, 8 March 2016: )



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