Get the best IP Surveillance Solution for your budget with Uniview

Get the best IP Surveillance Solution for your budget with Uniview

Uniview offers a complete video surveillance solution that integrates Uniview cameras, NVRs and Central Video Management Software (CVMS) into one unified system at an amazing price.


About Uniview

Uniview is a pioneer and leader in the IP video surveillance industry offering customers a complete video surveillance solution. Founded in December 2011 Uniview has grown to become the second largest player in the high-end video surveillance segment in China, and the third largest in the overall video surveillance market in China according to the 2014 industry report. Uniview deploys patented technology designed to maintain stable video quality even if the full capacity of bandwidth isn’t available over a wired/wireless link during harsh weather conditions.


What truly makes Uniview great:

  • With Uniview you can now make use of H.265 video codec for longer recording for the same amount of HDD space.
  • Uniview NVR’s can reach up to an incredible 320Mbps Incoming Bandwidth plus 320Mbps Outgoing Bandwidth
  • No more struggling with connection problems over a wireless/wired link while live viewing your perimeter, Uniview has a unique feature called Network Auto Adaptability, which will automatically be triggered by Uniview’s Video Management Software. It can handle up to a 5% packet loss or 400ms network conditions.


Other benefits of the Uniview Surveillance Solution include:

  • Premium products and features at very competitive prices.
  • Complete video surveillance solution from NVRs, IP Cameras to CVMS (Centralized Video Management Software).
  • Cloud service provides FREE instant remote live viewing from anywhere in the world.
  • 3 Year warranty.
  • No licenses required for any hardware or software appliances.


Uniview Cameras

Uniview cameras deliver crystal clear live video streaming under challenging conditions due to the many built-in premium features. Not only does each camera come with built-in Smart IR technology  (allows the camera to adjust IR light intensity to ensure that camera captures clear and usable footage), but also features 3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) and built-in surge protection up to 6kV. All Uniview cameras are also Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF)* conformant, which means that they use a standardized communication system/language to communicate between network video products regardless of manufacturer.


*Note: Please consult your sales representative for list of compatible products.


  • Bullet Cameras: While all bullet cameras are small, easy to mount and ideal for small spaces, Uniview’s range of bullet cameras also feature a corridor mode, Region of Interest at 4MP (2592×1520) resolution quality, built-in surge protection up to 4kV, an IR distance of up to 30m and 3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR).



  • IPC2122SR3-PF36: 2MP Network IR Mini Bullet Camera
  • IPC222ER-F36: 2MP Network IR Bullet Camera
  • IPC2322EBR-P: 2MP VF Network IR Bullet Camera
  • IPC242ER5-DL: 2MP WDR Low-light VF Network IR Bullet Camera
  • IPC2324EBR-DPZ28: 4MP Network IR Bullet Camera


  • Dome Cameras: Dome cameras are ideal for high traffic areas, such as casinos, retail stores and restaurants, due to their dome shape that make them difficult to spot and to determine which direction the camera is pointing in. Also, the dome design offers efficient protection against things like redirection and defocusing.



  • Mini Dome – IPC3612SR3-PF28: 2MP Network IR Fixed Dome Camera
  • Mini Vandal Resistant Dome – IPC322E-IR-F36-IN: 2MP Vandal-resistant Network IR Fixed Dome Camera
  • Vandal Resistant Dome – IPC3232ER-DV: 2MP Network IR Fixed Dome Camera
  • Vandal Resistant Dome – VS IPC3232ER-VS: 2MP Network IR Fixed Dome Camera
  • Vandal Resistant Dome – IPC3234SR3-DVZ28: 4MP Network IR Fixed Dome camera


  • PTZ Cameras: A pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ camera) is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control. PTZ cameras have become the most popular choice for applications that require the ability to position and zoom the camera to a specific area of interest.



  • IPC6222ER-X30: 2MP 30x IR Network PTZ Dome Camera
  • IPC6242SFW-X22U: 2MP 22x Network PTZ Dome Camera
  • IPC6242SL-X22: 2MP 22x Laser IR Network PTZ Dome Camera


Network Video Recorders

Uniview’s Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are fan-less, come with touch-panels and feature instant playback and smart search functions. Uniview NVRs feature SATA HDDs interfaces with terabyte capability for fast and reliable playback and storage. They also offer support for mobile client access, as well as HDMI output up to 4K resolution. All NVR’s come with upgrade capability via Uniview’s Cloud which allows customers to upgrade their network cameras without the need for downloading individual files for each one.




  • NVR201-08LP: 8-ch 1-SATA Plastic PoE NVR
  • NVR202-16EP: 16-ch 2-SATA PoE NVR
  • NVR208-32: 32-ch 8-SATA NVR
  • NVR308-32E: 32-ch 8-SATA (H.265) NVR


Video Management Software

EZManager is Uniview’s video management software, which comes with EZRecorder and EZStation. EZStation integrates multi-functionalities with not only live video viewing and instant playback, but device management of IP cameras and NVRs with alarm notifications and sequence displaying as well. The EZStation can also be used as Central Management Software.


Benefits of the EZStation

  • User friendly interface for time efficient setups.
  • Manage your entire network Surveillance system through 1 Central location.
  • Providing 1024 local or cloud channels, depending on Hardware used.
  • Schedule recording for longer storage capacity
  • Simultaneous manage up to 256 cameras with 64 video cells per monitor.
  • Built-in Smart search for easy alarm management.
  • Emap function, importing floor plans and placing cameras exactly where they are installed, enabling more efficient alarm management.

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