Get the SIAE 7GHz Licensed Microwave Radio at ISM prices!

Get the SIAE 7GHz Licensed Microwave Radio at ISM prices!

Are you struggling to provide guaranteed SLA to your clients because of constant interference/noise on overcrowded, free and licence exempt bandwidth frequencies, but not willing to pay a relative fortune for equipment in the licensed frequency spectrum either?


You can now have all the luxuries that the 7GHz licensed bandwidth frequency has to offer at a fraction of the standard price with SIAE’s ALFOPlus 7GHz Microwave Radio!


Benefits of Licensed Frequency:


Interference Free

As an approved ICASA licence holder your days of fighting for signal will be over as you won’t have to deal with any competition on your assigned, licensed frequency. This does not mean that your own devices, depending on how many you use and in what proximity they are to each other, might not cause interference. It merely means that you won’t have to compete with others on the same bandwidth.


Guaranteed throughput

Because the only interference that you can incur is from your own devices (a problem easy solved with noise reduction technologies) you are guaranteed a stable throughput of whatever your devices are able to achieve.


Maximum range

Once again, due to lack of competition, your total gain is so much more effective and you are able to reap the benefits of your devices’ individual maximum range.



Why choose to go through MiRO?


MiRO’s here to help

Our team will assist with the licence application, helping you speed up the process and make sure all the requirements are met.


Demo Link

We will also provide you with a 17GHz AlfpPlus demo link so that you can immediately start reaping the rewards of a noise-free frequency while you wait for your ICASA application to be approved.


More about SIAE’s ALFOPlus Series:


SIAE’s ALFOplus is a Full Outdoor, Full IP Next Generation Microwave Radio that works in the licensed 7 to 38GHz spectrum. ALFOplus is a zero footprint, highly cost effective solution, fully compatible with 3G, 4G and LTE nodes, and the ideal solution for a fast and flexible evolution towards full IP networks with the highest radio capacity and performance.


With its advanced Ethernet features and complete synchronization management (SyncE and 1588v2), ALFOplus is a state-of-the-art IP radio, providing the foundation for a leading edge network. SIAE produce RF components with Best-in-class system gain across all the frequency bands and adopt the latest technological developments to achieving the highest MTBF figures and the lowest power consumption available on the market.




Main features of the ALFOPlus 7GHz:

  • FREQUENCY BANDS: 7Ghz ICASA license bands
  • MODULATION SCHEMES: from 4QAM up to 1024 QAM.
  • TECHNOLOGIES: High Integrated Base-Band MCICS technology
  • CONFIGURATIONS: Unprotected, HSTBY, N+0
  • TDM CAPACITY RANGE: Up to 160xE1 Using PWE3
  • THROUGHPUT: 500Mbps
  • ADVANCED DSP : Channel Digital Pre-distortion, Equaliser and Packet Header Compression
  • TRIBUTARY INTERFACES: Multiport Gigabit switch (electrical/optical)
  • ARCHITECTURES: Full IP on Single Board, full outdoor form factor.
  • OUTDOOR ARRANGEMENTS: External or integrated low-profile, high-performance antenna systems
  • MANAGEMENT OPTIONS: Linux or Unix based NMS, HTML based local access (no flash needed)






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