Get to know the different types of batteries available at MiRO to determine the best fit for your Power Solution.

Get to know the different types of batteries available at MiRO to determine the best fit for your Power Solution.

At MiRO, we offer a wide range of batteries all suited for various applications and power solutions. High sites that run off solar power are a great example of the necessity of integrating batteries to store power that is generated from solar panels, efficiently powering your gear.

It is crucial to understand the pros and cons of each type of battery, as specific batteries are more applicable to certain solutions than others. The differences between the following batteries will determine the best fit for your power solution:

Lead Acid – For 120 years, this cost-effective battery has been the most efficient power solution for high discharge applications. It has a large power-to-weight ratio due to its low resistance electrolytes, making it ideal for high discharge use, followed by slow-charging.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) – This battery is known for being one of the safest due to its fine fiberglass mat that suspends the electrolytes in order to make the battery spill proof. Due to its positive configuration (tubular), these high-cycling batteries have a low self-discharge and perform best in high power applications. They also have the best vibration/shock resistance and are highly reliable for many applications forming part of a solar or standby solution.

Gel – The gel battery performs very well in regular deep discharge applications with low power requirements. The gelled electrolyte means gel batteries can be mounted in virtually an orientation (except upside down) without danger of spillage. This type of battery is best suited for warmer conditions and has an extended lifetime when used correctly.


Battery Comparison Chart
  Lead Acid AGM Gel
Design Life – Float Application 3 to 5 Yrs. 7 To 8 Yrs. 7 to 8 Yrs.
No. of Cycles to 50% discharge 200 to 220 450 to 500 550 to 600
Temperature Fluctuation Tolerance ** ** **
Sealed – Maintenance Free Yes Yes `Yes
Affordability vs. Performance ** ***  **


To power your gear efficiently, ask our expert sales team to assist you in acquiring the perfect fit to complete your solution!

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