Get 10Gbps Full Duplex over 10km with the ALL NEW Siklu 8010FX!

You can now extend your copper or fibre networks quickly and easily with Siklu’s longest reaching mmWave PtP Radio that delivers full duplex 10Gbps Ethernet Connectivity!

The major issue with copper or fibre networks are costs involved with trunking in both densely and sparsely populated areas like farms and metros. Siklu’s 8010FX PtP E-Band product offers the perfect solution to extend your network where fibre or copper just can’t go. With the 8010FX you can now deliver fibre-like speeds over a distance of 10km between units with zero-interference!

It’s ruggedized, IP67 rated body means it’s able to withstand years of punishment in the harshest of environments which minimizes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Not only that, but it’s Carrier Grade construction and performance, all at highly competitive price, means that you get true value for your money and a quick return on investment.


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This all-outdoor, super compact radio is also incredibly light, making that installations on high sites a breeze. The fact that it comes pre-configured out of the box with no license to download not only makes installations simpler but also saves on time and cost. Should you need to configure the device post installation, Siklu’s intuitive web GUI allows you to manage both local and remote units for fast commissioning and configuration.

The 8010FX operates over the interference-free 71-76/81-86GHz E-Band spectrum, with a total of 10GHz of bandwidth for use worldwide. By means of using a high-gain pencil-beam antenna, spectrum re-use is maximised, as such spectrum availability is guaranteed everywhere. E-Band systems are governed by low licensing fees and a quick licensing process.


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