Be the first to test AC Wave 2 with the EnGenius EWS 870AP

Be the first to test AC Wave 2 with the EnGenius EWS 870AP

Be the first to experience the ultra-fast wireless speeds and higher bandwidth capacities of 11ac Wave II!

The EWS870AP marks the next generation of 11ac Wave 2 speed and performance for wireless access points by supporting the highest bandwidth available for connected Wi-Fi devices with speeds reaching 2.5 Gbps. Support the newest Multi-MIMO 11ac smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices with multiple streams to multiple devices simultaneously by expanding the bandwidth and capacity of the network.

Industrial-Grade Waterproof Housing

Designed to perform in harsh environments, the EWS870AP outdoor ruggedized AP features IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof casing ensures the AP can withstand extreme outdoor climates and indoor industrial environments. This includes prolonged exposure outdoors to sunlight, extreme cold, frost, snow, rain, hail, heat, and humidity, and indoors where temperatures are a factor.


Future Proof, Crowd Proof Networks

The EWS870AP offers network managers the most advanced Wi-Fi technology standard available while supporting the future of mobile technology for their users. The AP handles densely crowded client environments through its four spatial streams and Beamforming technology, which focuses signals directly to client devices, providing optimal signal and reception reliability for users.


Flexible Power Options with Power-over-Ethernet Support

Designed for placement where power outlets may be scarce, the EWS870AP features a Gigabit Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) port, for powering the AP through a connected Ethernet cable to a PoE 802.3at-capable Switch or with a PoE adapter up to 100 meter from the wiring closet. Utilize the secondary PoE pass-through port to power an additional connected device such as a remote IP surveillance camera or ancillary access point.


Flexible, Simplified Network Management

Neutron EWS Access Points are easily deployed as a part of a scalable Neutron Distributed Network Management Solution and managed via a WLAN Controller Switch or centrally managed via ezMaster software. Together with Neutron Switches and APs, ezMaster is a flexible, highly scalable solution offering simplified, centralized management with rich reporting and analytics, enterprise-class features and no AP licensing, subscription or technical support fees.


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