Find out why Switchvox is the best choice for schools

Find out why Switchvox is the best choice for schools

Unified Communication is changing the way schools communicate and it’s time for your school to take advantage of all the incredible benefits. Switchvox has all the tools that you would expect from a modern phone system and more with advanced UC features for every key member of your organization.


Switchvox provides the affordability, ease of use, and safety features that are now a necessity for any size school. More than a basic phone system that simply answers calls, Switchvox helps connect teachers, staff members, and parents anywhere, anytime. Switchvox can be used as the central system for your SIP based intercoms,  allowing multiple layers of communication from a single platform.



Switchvox has been named the best value in UC by leading industry analysts for its robust set of features at an affordable price. Minimal upfront costs combined with industry-low annual costs mean Switchvox can save your school 40-60% compared to other proprietary phone vendors. The Switchvox “All Features Included” pricing model ensures that you don’t have to start sacrificing features to meet your school’s budget. Switchvox can also easily integrate with existing systems to facilitate a slow rollout if the budget can’t cover a complete replacement.


Ease of Use

Teachers are incredibly busy performing the vital role of educating our children and have little time for learning complex systems. This makes an easy–to-use phone system a must. With its incredibly intuitive web-based graphical user interface (GUI) and simple, but powerful, handsets and mobile applications, Switchvox meets this challenge making it easy for teachers to get up and running quickly without taking time away from the classroom.



Switchvox can be an integral part of your school’s safety processes. Switchvox has the ability to broadcast emergency alerts and messages over a paging system via the display on desktop phones or directly to parents’ phones – or other emergency contact numbers of your students. Mobility features are also included with Switchvox, which help turn your staff into a mobile task force during an emergency. The ability to readily communicate with mobile devices also ensures that you can reach your staff anywhere, anytime.



To download the Switchvox for Education guide and see how Switchvox can impact the key people in your school, simply click on the image below and complete the form on Digium’s website:


Switchvox schools Switchvox schools Switchvox schools

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