After Fibre… Wireless! How to make the best use of your fibre network!

More and more people are discovering the incredible benefits of making use of fibre (whether for their business or personal use) but do most of them understand that fibre isn’t a replacement for wireless; that the two go hand in hand? If you’re fortunate to live or work in an area with fibre, you’ve probably already discovered the major impact that fibre has on the stability of your Wi-Fi network.


For homes and SMBs making use of BDCOM’s ONU with built-in Wi-Fi might be the perfect solution (read more), but for last-mile enterprise connectivity you might want to take a look at the following top of the range, fixed wireless broadband and Wi-Fi products from Cambium:

Outdoor: ePMP 2000

Ideal for offloading your fibre capacity to the customer’s premises, the Cambium Networks’ ePMP 2000 platform takes interference tolerance, high performance, and reliability to a new level with innovative technology and proven equipment that have been deployed worldwide, keeping you and your customers happy at an affordable price.


The ePMP Force 200 adds a subscriber module and point-to-point (PTP) radio to ePMP’s 5 GHz line of products, designed to operate in high interference environments and provide superior throughput of over 200 Mbps of real user data. Long range deployment is enabled by the 25 dBi antenna. Configurable Modes of operation ensure robust adaptivity to both symmetrical and asymmetrical traffic while providing high performance and round-trip latency as low as 2 – 3 ms.


Features include:

  • Easy to deploy: The form factor of the radio allows for a quick and easy deployment with the option of using various antenna options of your choice (beamforming option available).


  • GPS Synchronized Access Point (AP) Radio: GPS Synchronization and Transmit Power Control allow for industry-leading frequency reuse.


  • 5GHz connectorised radio: Using the 5 GHz frequency spectrum, the ePMP 2000 covers major unlicensed global bands and is the most effective connectivity solution for the world’s under- and unconnected.


  • Scalable: The ePMP 2000 is able to connect 10 x SM’s/CPE’s, which is upgradable to 120 SM’s with a once off licence. The advanced, scalable scheduling mechanism supports up to 120 subscribers without degrading overall system performance.


  • Intelligent Filtering: Intelligent Filtering improves both receive and transmit performance. It protects the network from off-channel interferers with a filter that dynamically moves around the channel. On the transmit side, it protects the RF environment by reducing off-channel transmission noise.


  • Smart Beamforming: Smart Beamforming drastically reduces the effects of on-channel interference. The System learns the location of each served Subscriber Module (SM) and forms a narrow beam towards the desired SM while that radio is transmitting in the uplink. This reduces the gain on the uplink for on-channel interferers that are transmitting at an azimuth angle different to the SM, delivering performance gains never before seen.


  • Backwards compatible: The ePMP 2000 is backwards compatible with all current ePMP SMs which means that you don’t need to spend a fortune to upgrade your network.


Indoor: cnPilot E400 & E500


The cnPilot E500 and E400 APs from Cambium offer dual band 802.11ac technology and support for up to 16 encrypted VLAN mapped SSID’s and 256 Concurrent client associations. Is it any wonder that they’re referred to by Cambium as the essential workhorse for demanding high-density Wi-Fi networks?


The E500 and E400 also feature:


  • Easy to deploy: The form factor of the radio allows for a quick and easy deployment due to the sleek and light weight design. The CnPilot E500 is perfect as an outdoor AP with its IP67 rated housing and its ability to operate in extreme temperatures (-30 to 60 degrees Celsius). The AP also comes with a detachable bracket allowing for pole or wall mount deployments. The software controlled front LED and CnMaestro managed controller, makes the deployment and management very user-friendly. Plus, the option of having POE out (802.3af) gives you the functionality of power up another device.


  • 2×2 MIMO: The max Tx power (28dBM @ 2.4GHz and 29dBM @ 2.5GHz) allows to cover very large areas.


CnMaestro (Onsite option available)


Manage your entire network (Outdoor and Indoor) from one (1) single pane of glass in the cloud. cnMaestro is an end-to-end cloud management system that lets you securely and easily operate your network from anywhere in the world, for FREE! With comprehensive alerting and reporting features, you’ll know if there’s a problem in real-time.


CnMaestro allows you to manage up to 10 000 devices in the cloud. Manage your outdoor PtP/PtMP/backhauling/last mile network all the way to your indoor CPE/Wi-Fi network from 1 cloud based controller. FREE OF CHARGE. No licenses/controllers, no fees!!


Benefits include the following added value services:

  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Notifications
  • Device Inventory
  • Statistics and Trending
  • Bulk Image Upgrade
  • Template-Based Configuration
  • Maps and Map Modes
  • Zero Touch Onboarding (Preconfigure devices before deploying)
  • Multiple Administrators


Fibre Fibre Fibre

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