Extend your video conferencing reach with Grandstream’s range of IP Cameras!

Extend your video conferencing reach with Grandstream’s range of IP Cameras!

Grandstream’s range of HD IP Cameras all feature industry-leading SIP/VoIP for 2-way audio and video streaming to both video and mobile (smart) phones – so much more than just surveillance!


If you don’t have a large enough conference room or if you’re tired of using an outdated intercom system, then we have just the solution for you! You can pull live camera footage from multiple locations simply by allocating an SIP account on your IP Video Conferencing device (for example the GVC3200, the GS-GXV3240 or the GS-GXV3275) for each camera that’s connected. Then all you need to do is add a stereo mic/speaker of your choice to the camera for 2-way audio.


This is a cost effective way of adding multiple rooms of people to a conference if the main conference room, where the screen and Video Conferencing Phone are located, is the only one that needs to be able see what everyone else is doing. This is perfect for security patrols, educational institutions and in office meetings. And, when not doubling as an extension for your communication needs, it still forms part of your surveillance system!


Grandstream HD IP Cameras Overview

The GXV3600 series of HD IP cameras offer indoor and outdoor cameras in a variety of shapes and casings in order to support all business and residential applications. Grandstream IP cameras feature full HD resolution, easy setup and management and can proactively notify users of security events through automatic outbound voice and video calls in addition to email screenshots. And, as mentioned, they all feature industry-leading SIP/VoIP for 2-way audio and video streaming to both video and mobile (smart) phones.


Other features of the GXV3600 series includes

Weatherproof IR and vari-focal HD lens

The GXV3600 series are powerful weatherproof Infrared (IR) IP cameras.


Lens flexibility

The GXV3674 v2 cameras have an adjustable vari-focal High-Definition lens – making them ideal for any outdoor/indoor setting where weather and light conditions constantly change. The camera’s variable-focal lens allows the user to adjust the lens to best fit their monitoring needs, which allows the GXV3674 v2 to monitor nearby areas, such as a building entrance, and distant focuses, such as a parking lot – and anything in between.


The GXV3672 v2  cameras have two high definition lens options are offered: a 3.6mm lens, ideal for wide-angle monitoring of nearby subjects, and a 8mm lens for monitoring subjects in the distance.


The GXV3662 and GXV3610 v2 series both feature a high-definition 3.6mm lens – making them ideal for wide-angle monitoring of nearby subjects in environments such as banks, hotels, retail, offices, warehouses, and building entrances. The GXV3662 also features a variable focal lens which can be manually adjusted from 3.3mm up to 12mm to allow for flexibility and customization during deployment.


Vandal Proof

GXV3662 series of outdoor IP cameras are made with a vandal-proof and tamper-proof casing to allow them to be deployed in areas where tampering is a potential concern, such as banks and retail stores.


Image Sensor Processor

The GXV3600 series feature an advanced Image Sensor Processor (ISP) powered with a state of the art auto-exposure/auto-white balance algorithm which allows for exceptional performance in all lighting conditions, including low light settings.



The GXV3600 series can be managed with GSURF Pro (Grandstream’s FREE Video Management Software that allows simultaneous control of up to 72 cameras) along with other ONVIF-complaint video management systems.


Integrated IR-CUT, PoE and flexible HTTP API

The GXV3600 series feature integrated PoE, IR-CUT for day and night mode, advanced security protection and flexible HTTP API for easy integration with other monitoring systems.


SD card slot

By including a built-in SD card slot, the GXV3662 offers a local recording solution as well.


GXV3600 series models


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