Experience 2 to 4 times faster throughput with the airFiber NxN Series from Ubiquiti! Order yours NOW!

Experience 2 to 4 times faster throughput with the airFiber NxN Series from Ubiquiti! Order yours NOW!

Introducing the airFiber NxN, a thoughtfully engineered MIMO multiplexer that increases the amazing throughput of your airFiber link by up to 400%, while simultaneously establishing redundancy without the need for additional antennas.


The airFiber NxN is a scalable MIMO multiplexer that combines multiple airFiber 5X radios on a single dish antenna for superior noise immunity performance, redundancy, and multi-Gigabit throughput.


Upgrading a 5 GHz airMAX or airFiber link is fast and easy. Simply attach the airFiber NxN to the fast-mount on the antenna and connect the RF cables.


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Other reasons why airFiber NxN is a must for your wireless network include:

Precise GPS Synchronization

Using a common GPS timing reference, the airFiber 5X radios work cohesively to deliver powerful, multi-Gigabit bridging performance for PtP links.



4×4 or 8×8 MIMO Backhaul Technology

Simply mount two or four airFiber 5X radios for Plug and Play installation. You can use multiple channels—even adjacent channels with no guard band—and place them anywhere within the radio band.



Reduced Tower Costs

Multiple airFiber 5X radios mounted on a single dish antenna maximizes throughput and capacity in a clean, compact tower footprint, minimizing tower costs. For instance, the AF-8×8 consolidates four airFiber 5X dish antennas into one dish, or replaces up to 8+ non-airFiber links.



Paired with the EdgePoint for Superior Performance

The EdgePoint provides link aggregation and powerful configuration features, including radio-link load balancing and advanced reliability for optical fiber deployments. The tower-mounted EdgePoint also simplifies the deployment by providing power to the airFiber 5X radios, so there is no need for individual PoE adapters and additional cabling.





  • 4×4 MIMO
  • Multiplex (2) airFiber 5X radios*
  • Aggregate Throughput up to 1+ Gbps
  • Up to 1 Redundant Link

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  • 8×8 MIMO
  • Multiplex up to (4) airFiber 5X radios*
  • Aggregate Throughput up to 2+ Gbps
  • Up to 3 Redundant Links

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