Build a thriving business with Cambium’s license-free enterprise network solution

Build a thriving business with Cambium’s license-free enterprise network solution

One of the most important tactics of managing a business in a harsh economic climate is to take strict control of your expenses without sacrificing the ability to be competitive in the market. Together with Cambium Networks, we bring you the perfect solution to support a thriving business.

Cambium’s complete end-to-end enterprise Wi-Fi solution is a combination of Cambium’s cnMaestro cloud manager, cnMatrix switches and cnPilot access points. This solution is known to deliver unmatched network performance without the capital expense of overpriced hardware or the operational expense of monthly and annual licences.

The cnPilot range of access points can deliver high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity to up to 512, making it the ideal solutions for your enterprise Wi-Fi applications. With the cnPilot zero-touch configuration, these access points can be installed within record-breaking time and guarantee reliable high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity that will rise to the occasion regardless of density, activity or physical environment.

Simplify your network deployment even further with Cambium’s cnMatrix switches. This range of PoE and non-PoE switches boast a 5-year warranty, provide an affordable, feature-rich, unified wired and wireless network that enhances and supports Cambium’s entire portfolio. The cnMatrix works in unity with Cambium’s revolutionary network management platform, cnMaestro.

This free feature-rich, cloud-based and on-premises network management platform simplifies end-to-end control of the entire network and reduces system downtime across your entire business.

Speak to our experts for advice on how you can simplify your enterprise Wi-Fi deployments with the perfect combination of cnPilot access points, cnMatrix switches and manage it all with the cnMaestro cloud management system.

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