EnGenius joins the Wi-Fi Mesh Revolution

EnGenius joins the Wi-Fi Mesh Revolution

Industry expert in wireless communications, EnGenius, has joined the mesh revolution!  With over 18 years’ experience in providing the industry with the most comprehensive line of managed and unmanaged wireless solutions at class-leading price/performance, EnGenius now introduces their high-performing range of EnGenius Mesh APs.

Why go MESH?

  • Untangled Network – Fewer wires means fewer costs to set up a network, particularly for large areas of coverage.
  • Reduce labor costs – Wireless mesh nodes are easy to deploy and de-commission with zero configuration
  • Smart Route – The nodes automatically choose the quickest and safest path within the network to achieve the lowest latency possible.
  • Smart Webbing – The network automatically link up the nodes to the existing structure without needing manual adjustments by a network administrator.
  • Smart Healing – The mesh nodes regeneratively link up with each other reducing downtime when a wireless link is lost.
  • Instant Expansion – Wireless mesh nodes can be added or relocated based on coverage and capacity requirement.
  • Extremely Flexible in Deployment – Convenient deployment when Ethernet connections are lacking and/or wireless signals are intermittently blocked.

How does EnGenius make Mesh easy for complex applications?

Easy to setup, Automatic configuration

  • Automatically link up the devices in same group to the existing network structure without needing any configuration by a network administrator.
  • Automatic configuration from one access point to thousands.

Unique Meshing Protocol to establish the best path

  • Automatically identify the best route selection for faster convergence and failover to a healthy node if an AP fails

Manageable via Controller Switch or ezMaster at no additional cost

  • EnGenius Mesh APs are centrally managed by Neutron Controller Switches (PoE/Non-PoE) and/or the ezMaster.

Which Mesh Access Point is right for you?


Indoor Outdoor IP55 Outdoor IP68
Dual-Band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Internal Antenna External Antenna


300 + 867 Mbps


450 + 1300 Mbps

1xGbe Uplink 1xGbe Uplink

1xGbe LAN

1xGbe Uplink


Support 802.3af PoE
0 to 40°C -20 TO 60°C


*Mesh firmware already available on the EWS360AP, Mesh firmware for the EWS350APEWS660AP and EWS860AP coming soon!







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