Eliminate 3rd party voice loggers with Switchvox!

Eliminate 3rd party voice loggers with Switchvox!

More than just a business phone system, Switchvox is an award-winning IP PBX that delivers powerful Unified Communications tools, mobility applications, and robust calling features without the hassle and expense of complex licensing models. Even better, all features are included for one, low price.


All Switchvox features are included for every user! No longer do you have to worry about the added expense of feature licenses if one of your staff members needs more functionality. Have a newly promoted employee who now needs to record calls? Great, just click a button to turn it on!


While the list of Switchvox features is extensive, there are a few that stand out as the most useful and effective tools for SMB owners and managers:


One of these features is Call Recording

Record your own calls or other users’ calls that you have permission over on the fly. You can also schedule calls to be recorded automatically. Recordings can be scheduled to record a user’s or groups’ calls over a certain period of time. These recordings are saved and can be retrieved on demand or sent to an FTP server for archiving. Once archived, these recorded files can be kept and accessed from your external file server.

The other way to record is on the fly via your Digium phone’s Record button or if you are using the Digium Mobile application for Android or iPhone there is a record button on the app. Individuals can record any conversation for future review including internal, external or conference calls. To access the recording the user will simply open their Switchvox User Portal and be able to listen, forward or delete recording at will.


Many Products in One

The Switchvox feature set provides many products in one server and under one license. Traditional phone systems would require dedicated and costly servers and individual feature licenses for major applications like voicemail, faxing, and IVR’s. With Switchvox, your company can simplify its communications down to one powerful solution. Get mobile apps, call recording, desktop faxing, ACD, presence and much more all in one turnkey solution – all in one price.


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