Edimax Pro: Quick and Easy Deployment Solution for SMBs

Edimax Pro: Quick and Easy Deployment Solution for SMBs

Wi-Fi is essential for businesses around the world and has become a real, cost-effective alternative to traditional Ethernet networks. The use of smartphones,  tablets and laptops has become paramount to every day use, with devices becoming more powerful and affordable than ever before.

Not only do employees and clients expect to connect without wires, but your business depends on it. Effective wireless solutions improve productivity and provide a strategic advantage. Business-critical applications can be accessed across an entire organization, and traditional departmental boundaries can be extended for new levels of collaboration, co-working and information flow; making business  faster, better and simply more efficient.

The Edimax Pro series provides a range of high performance, reliable and affordable Wi-Fi solutions for modern businesses along with flexible deployment without additional cabling for easy installation and management to lower costs.


BYOE Solution & High-Density Networking

Edimax Pro solutions support the latest 2.4GHz &5GHz with 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi along with very high density (VHD) capacity to support up to twice as many clients simultaneously compared to 11ac Wave 1, ideal for BYOE workplaces with a large number of wireless devices.


Dedicated Access Point Controller for SMBs

Scale your network according to your business with the APC500 Access Point Controller. The controller enables efficient and remote central management of up to 128 access points – configured according to your business needs to create a powerful network architecture with an easy to use interface and full range of functionality.


Built- in Network Management Suite (NMS)

Edimax Pro series access points include the free Edimax Pro Network Management Suite (NMS) to support an AP array architecture, which enables the central management of a group of access points. NMS can be installed on one access point and support up to 8/16 Edimax Pro access points with no additional wireless controller required, reducing  costs and facilitating efficient remote AP management.


Fast Roaming with Seamless Mobility

Keeping devices connected is essential and delays or connectivity issues can be costly for any business – fast roaming reduces the handoff times between APs and ensures a smooth wireless experience throughout an entire organization,across rooms, offices, departments and even different floors. Wi-Fi devices can stay seamlessly connected in environments where connectivity may be a critical component of productivity, and benefit from mobility with high-speed connectivity across a range of wireless devices: smartphones, tablets and computers, throughout an entire organization.


Wide Coverage & Multiple SSID

With adjustable RF output power and high receiver sensitivity,Edimax Pro access points are ready to provide wide coverage where it’s needed the most. Keep every corner of your business connected and differentiate user groups, departments or guests with up to 48separate SSIDs (AC4300 tri-band, 16 per radio) with independent security. Wide, accessible Wi-Fi coverage with strong security to protect sensitive company information and supervise access to internal networks.


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