The best of two worlds: EdgeCore’s reliability combined with the scalability of Cumulus Linux

The best of two worlds: EdgeCore’s reliability combined with the scalability of Cumulus Linux

Cumulus Networks has introduced the world’s most flexible open network operating system, Cumulus Linux, a powerful open network operating system that allows you to automate, customise and scale using web-scale principles like the world’s largest data centres. Cumulus Linux is the only solution that allows you to affordably build and efficiently operate your network. It is the ideal solution to your network challenges and provides:

  • Economical scalability

With EdgeCore bare metal hardware and the Cumulus Linux software, you can build a scalable core network running Cumulus Linux OS, dramatically reducing the overall capital and operating cost and breaking through the proprietary traditional network architectures.

  • Choice and flexibility

This approach allows you to choose compatible hardware, such as Edge-core’s range of bare metal network switches, based on your needs and your budget. And allowing you to seamlessly customise and scale your network. You do not have to reconfigure your core network or retrain your network engineers every time you upgrade.

  • Standardised toolset

The Cumulus Linux offers native integration and best-of-breed tools for automation, monitoring and analytics to improve efficiency and multiply the number of switches per operator.

This great combination of reliable, high-performance hardware and scalable software fulfils the vision of a more affordable, manageable network and saves the time and funding for more projects, which is beneficial to your business.

Cumulus Linux combined with our range of EdgeCore switch is the ultimate solution when it comes to flexibility and innovation, enabling the best-of-breed hardware and technology solution. Choose from our wide range of EdgeCore switches with various port densities, form factors, capabilities and a 5-year warranty.


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