Don’t waste time designing outdoor power solutions – we got you covered

Don’t waste time designing outdoor power solutions – we got you covered

The Radwin Smart Node was designed to address the requirements of city and telecom projects by delivering power and connectivity for various devices including CCTV cameras, wireless broadband radios, Wi-Fi access points, and IoT sensors. The Smart Node bridges the gap between broadband and IoT applications and is the worlds’ first all-in-one outdoor multi-power and communications managed solution.

How you can benefit from the Smart Node:

  • Reduced overall project costs and turnaround time

Smart Node reduces site deployments costs and implementation time.

  • Multiple power options

Supporting AC or DC input power and multiple output power options (15/30/60W PoE, Passive PoE, 12/24/56V) and even a solar panel.

  • Flexibility

SFP and Ethernet/PoE ports to seamlessly connect to multiple devices such as CCTV cameras, wireless broadband radios, speakers and more.

  • Unified management system

This system is used for remote monitoring and controlling all the power, networking and alarms.

  • Low maintenance

This outdoor solution seamlessly blends into urban environments as the Smart Node is a third of the size of a typical street cabinet and only 1/3 of the weight making it ideal for street-level deployment. And ensures high reliability in extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

If you want to roll out telecom projects the smart way, choose Radwin, the smart solution for you!


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