Don’t underestimate the power of the small form factor! Can your Enterprise Wi-Fi solution offer you this?

Don’t underestimate the power of the small form factor! Can your Enterprise Wi-Fi solution offer you this?

Dazzled by promises of enterprise Wi-Fi features only to be caught in a tangle annual licensing fees and requirements that no one warned you about? OPEN-MESH is Enterprise Wi-Fi made simple with features that give you the freedom to grow and manage your Wi-Fi without the unnecessary strings attached. With OPEN-MESH you get scalable, modular hardware at an ultra-low price, which can be managed from the cloud (FOR FREE!).



CloudTrax (Free cloud-based controller)

Manage your network with CloudTrax, the cloud-based controller from OPEN-MESH that allows you to do off-site maintenance basically from anywhere in the world via the cloud. The FREE controller offers customized dashboards making life really easy for the installer and end-user and is available as FREE Apps for iOS and Android.


Cloudtrax (v3) also offers the following and remember this is all FREE with no annual licence fees!:

  • Chillispot captive portal functionality allowing you to integrate with services such as Purple Wi-fi
  • Notifications
  • Bandwidth control for individual users
  • Charge for access
  • Design custom splash pages
  • Maps and Map Modes
  • Zero Touch Onboarding (Preconfigure devices before deploying)


Modular hardware (Enclosure options)

OPEN-MESH access points and enclosures are designed to work seamlessly together. Just choose the access point that is optimized for your wireless demands—range, speed, or lowest cost—then choose the enclosure that best fits your environment. Transform any access point into a traditional ceiling mount or a sleek outdoor unit. Swap, upgrade, move and replace anytime.


Mesh Enabled

Every OPEN-MESH access point is automatically mesh enabled. That means you can install units like traditional access points, hardwired to the Internet, and add additional units that only require power wherever you need to extend coverage or fill holes. All access points work together to form a self-organizing, self-healing wireless network with seamless roaming between devices. Extend your network to the furthest reaches of your property cable-free. Dead spots don’t stand a chance.


Secondary CPU for redundancy

OPEN-MESH products include a hardware watchdog chip that will restart the router should it lock up due to environmental or power spikes or short outages. This greatly minimizes truck rolls and customer service calls.



Let’s do a recap of what OPEN-MESH can offer you:

  • True Mesh solution
  • One form factor for indoor and outdoor AP’s which means you only change the enclosures (Modular) which saves you money with deployments
  • Maintenance from anywhere in the world, via CloudTrax (Firmware upgrades etc.)
  • Secondary CPU for redundancy on the AP


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