Don’t let Wayleave applications stall your business

Don’t let Wayleave applications stall your business

While 60GHz mmWave solutions are relatively new, it’s already changing the way we look at fixed broadband connectivity. The MetroLinq 2.5G 60 Beamforming Sector from IgniteNet has all the essential features necessary to deliver high-capacity fibre-like wireless connectivity for data-intense applications like YouTube and Netflix.

High speed, flexibility, robustness, and no interference are key components that service providers require to stay competitive against fibre providers and to connect the unconnected. This beamforming sector is a powerful 60 GHz MultiPoint base station packed with the latest technologies to deliver just this. It provides connectivity speeds of up 2.5Gbps allowing multi-gigabit data transmission over fibre-like wireless networks or extending existing fibre networks to hard or impossible to reach locations using other types of infrastructure.

The IgniteNet MetroLinq solution offers exceptional performance – combining both the benefits of unlicensed band operation and no interference. For increased capacity and redundancy it also includes a second 5GHz radio which acts as a backup on a client by client basis to provide integrated redundancy without any additional hardware or complexity. The device can operate either as a stand-alone device or as a scalable, cloud-managed solution, easily meeting the requirements of most projects.

The IgniteNet solution has multiple aesthetically pleasing client premises device options to choose from depending on distance, performance, and other application specific requirements.

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