Digium Reseller/Partner Program

Did you know that Digium has a Partner program for you to use and gain great benefits like demo kits, training and rebates?

This program has various benefits for companies wishing to make use of Digium products, and I would like to highlite a few of these advantages and explain the process to follow, in order to become registered Digium partners.

Partner Program

Firstly, let’s start with the different levels of the Partner Program. There are a total of 4 levels, these being:





For a truly in depth look into each of these, you can head to http://www.digium.com/en/ecosystem/partner-levels

Affiliate is the lowest registered Level, and can be granted to just about any VoIP installer who makes use of Digium’s products. There is no sales commitment required for this level, meaning there is no risk whatsoever, so anyone who purchase Digium products, should be signed up as an Affiliate Partner at the very least. So what’s the advantage? Affiliate partners will gain access to the Digium partner portal, and will be able to use a range of different marketing and sales tools and materials in order to help them sell and market Digium products. You will also get access to basic Asterisk and Switchvox training online. Free!

Registered is the next level for the Partner program, and this is achievable with a yearly sales commitment of $40000 (roughly R400,000). Due to this being a yearly figure, this is easily achievable for most VoIP integrators. This level of the Partner Program provides access to even more marketing material and sales tools, but more importantly, provides access to more in depth training systems, which also carry a proper certification from Digium. This will allow you to effectively train all of your technical and sales staff, regarding Digium products and VoIP systems such as Asterisk and Switchvox, all online!

Select is the highest level for system integrators, and provides everything that the previous two levels do. The Select level requires $125000 (roughly R1250000) annual sales commitment, but provides you with a 7% rebate on all of your Digium purchases. This means that you save 7% of every purchase that is made. This can be provided to you in two ways. Either you can take the 7% up-front in the form of a cheaper pricing structure, meaning you will get 7% discount on all of your orders. Or, you can choose to have the rebate, meaning that we will add up all of the purchases for the month (at normal prices) and refund you 7%. The choice is entirely up to the you.

Provider, the last level, is for VoIP Service Providers who provide VoIP connectivity to resellers. There is no annual sales commitment needed from the provider for this level, and this provides every feature/advantage that the Select Partner level does, including the 7% rebate on purchases.


So you can see how you can stand to benefit from these structures/levels. Should you wish to register for the partner program, simply head to this link http://www.digium.com/en/partners/application and fill in the necessary fields. It’s that simple.



All Digium Authorized Resellers/Partners (with the exception of Affiliates) can purchase Demo systems including Switchvox Appliances, Digium Phones, Digium Gateways, and interface cards, at a whopping 30% discount from Miro’s Installer price!!!!!! (This percentage may vary, very slightly, due to exchange rates etc). This gives you a fantastic starting point when getting involved with Digium products. For more information on Demo equipment purchase, please phone your closest Miro branch, or send an email to interact@miro.co.za and we’ll get back to you with the details you need.


Government/Education Implementations

Lastly, Digium has a great promotion running at the moment regarding any Switchvox systems that are used for Government or Educational applications. If you would like to implement a Switchvox system for one of these environments, Digium will provide a 5% discount on the Switchvox Hardware and License codes which will make the system far more attractive to Tender applications and the like. The sale of these systems must be registered with Digium in order for the discount to apply, so please contact a Miro representative for more info.

Click here for more information and to book your training now.

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