Digium releases new line of high-performance BRI Cards for Asterisk!

Digium releases new line of high-performance BRI Cards for Asterisk!

If you’re an Asterisk user planning on building voice gateways and phone systems, then Digium’s range of BRI interface computer telephony cards are for you!


These computer cards quickly and easily connect Asterisk to traditional telephone networks, giving users powerful tools to build sophisticated voice applications and to solve connectivity issues. With features such as on-board echo cancellation and compatibility with traditional PCI as well as PCI-Express slots, Digium’s BRI cards are versatile solutions for any business need. Working natively with Asterisk’s DAHDI drivers, these interface cards are reliable, trouble-free, and backed by a 5-year warranty.


Recap of top features:


On-board echo cancellation

On-board carrier-grade echo cancellation provides the highest voice quality, ensuring good caller experiences in all situations.


Interface Cards

Telephony interface cards are PCI or PCI Express expansion cards that connect computers running Asterisk directly to legacy phone lines, phones and phone systems. The cards convert the legacy signalling and media into Asterisk’s internal formats.


To make connections to traditional telephony interfaces, Asterisk includes a channel type called chan_dahdi (included with your Asterisk download) and a separate set of software drivers collectively referred to as DAHDI – Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface.


The DAHDI package includes drivers for a number of traditional telephony interface cards, most notably the telephony cards manufactured by Digium®, the creator of Asterisk.


  • PCI Interface (B410P)



Universal PCI 2.2 compliant


  • PCIe Interface (B233/B433)

PCIe 1.0 or greater

x1 connector


Target Applications

  • PC-based PBX
  • VoIP gateways
  • ISDN monitoring
  • ISDN recording


Environment Conditions

  • Operation Range: 0° to 50°C, 32° to 122° F
  • Storage Range: -20° to 65°C, 4° to 149° F
  • Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing


Configurable Modes

  • EuroISDN TE
  • EuroISDN NT
  • Software configurable: B433 and B233
  • Jumper- and dipswitch-configurable: B410



5-year parts and labour. (The Digium Exceptional Satisfaction Program)



  • B433: Quad Port BRI PCIe
  • B233: Dual Port BRI PCIe
  • B410P: Quad Port BRI PCI


Please note the hardware requirements: 500-MHz Pentium III or better with 64MB of RAM. Available 3.3V or 5.0V PCI Slot.


Find the right telephony card for your project using the Digium Asterisk Card Selector: Get Started

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