Did you know Smart Wall is Now Included into Milestone Corporate?


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XProtect® Corporate

Advanced surveillance solution

The ultimate software for video surveillance in large-scale and high-security areas, such as airports and city surveillance.

XProtect Corporate is powerful IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale and high-security deployments. Its single management interface enables the efficient administration of the system including all cameras and security devices regardless of its size or if it is distributed across multiple sites.

What’s new in XProtect Corporate 2014

  • XProtect Smart Wall included
  • Generic framework to handle and store video-related metadata
  • Evidence Lock secures video availability for investigations
  • System configuration interface allows external systems to make changes to the system’s configuration
  • Advanced rights management makes it possible to assign partial management permissions
  • Dual authorization for an additional level of security
  • Automatic adjustable motion detection sensitivity
  • Customizable management user interface


XProtect Smart Wall

XProtect Smart Wall is an advanced add-on video wall product that improves response time by displaying all the video data in your installation and giving a complete overview of large surveillance centers. Fully integrated with XProtect® Smart Client, you can easily create presets defining view layout and content for each XProtect Smart Wall.

Operators can focus on the most critical matters and coordinate response activities because multiple users can be shown the same view.

smart wall

Hardware independent

•Cost-efficient solution that is easy to deploy
•Supports any number or combination of monitors regardless of manufacturer
•Runs on standard servers and displays

Improve response time

•Operators can focus on critical matters and coordinate response activities
•Multiple users can see the same view
•Define surveillance situations with specific incidents, nightshifts and focus areas

 XProtect Smart Client control

smart wall 2










Solution flexibility

Smart wall 6













Licensing and system requirements

•License included with XProtect® Corporate for free
•Add-on product for XProtect® Expert
Take Note
Take note when buying any XProtect Corporate or Expert you should be Milestone Certified.
For training please follow the link : http://www.miro.co.za/training_home.aspx
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Product Comparison Chart: Milestone XProtect Comparison Chart

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