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Deliberant iPoll TDMA protocol

the what, how and where, but more importantly…… what is the benifit…..!!

  • iPoll is Deliberant’s propriatory wireless TDMA (time devision miltiple access) protocol
  • iPoll syncronizes wireless communication between the base station and subscribers
  • It eliminates mediated access by polling every subscriber sequentially
  • iPoll maximizes usable throughput by inteligintly mitigating interference
  • iPoll minimizes latency by organising communication between the AP and the clients



I am sure the making of iPoll was a great task, but understanding how it works is really easy enough.

TDMA (time devision multiple access) does exactly what it says. On a Point to Multipoint wireless network you would typically have multiple client devices trying to commuicate with one access point. On general 802.11 standards it could get messy as there is no organized comunication between the client devices and the AP. that is exactly what iPoll (TDMA) does. It organises communication between all the client devices and the AP. More importantly, communication is organised via a time devision scheme.

Below is a graphical scheme of wireless transmission timeline to 3 clients using sequential polling mechanism available on all Deliberant APC products. Here you are able to see how the AP gives each client device a turn(time) to speak.

timelineAnd that is basically all it is. It is a TIMEline of communication DIVIDED up between MULTIPLE client devices ACCESSING one single AP.

now… What are the Benifits?

  • Frequency interference have less effect on the network
  • Latency is lower
  • Client devices do not share bad connections
  • Higher capacity (throughput) for each client device
  • Greater network stability
  • Higher packet per seccond (PPS) rate
  • And many more

If you need more information on Deliberant iPoll or the Deliberant product range, please drop me a mail or download the overview document below……..

APC series product overview

ipoll 3

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