Selecting the right cordless telephone technology for your application

Selecting the right cordless telephone technology for your application

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to make flexibility and mobility a more natural part of the work environment. As more professionals search for freedom within the workplace, it’s important to make sure that you have the right wireless solutions available to maintain connectivity within the office. Digitally enhanced cordless telephone technology (DECT) is a radio technology that uses time division multiple access (TDMA) in the 1.9GHz spectrum, to transmit radio signals to phones for voice applications whereas Wi-Fi provides a packet voice service that is delivered over IP via a Wi-Fi network, both in 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Things to consider when selecting a telephony solution for your business

Suitable for small office, home office applications Suitable for large enterprise applications
Every DECT phone must be associated with a base station. Wi-Fi phones will pick up a wireless signal directly to the device from your router. There is no need for any base stations or additional pieces of hardware.
A limited number of handsets can be supported on a DECT station The number of handsets available are only limited to the range and performance of your Wi-Fi network and equipment. Scalability is possible.
Mobility is limited as DECT phones are limited to range, if you want to extend the range of the DECT a repeater is required. Wi-Fi provides greater mobility as Wi-Fi phones are able to seamlessly handover from AP to AP, keeping you talking without interruption.
A DECT system is a separate wireless network and does not talk to your existing Wi-Fi. Base stations and repeaters will be required. Most businesses will already have a Wi-Fi network in place. This means that purchasing additional Wi-Fi IP phones will be the only other expense to consider.

The decision on whether to choose Wi-Fi or DECT is unique to every business. As the demand for flexibility increase, more and more businesses will begin to weigh voice availability, network design, durability, investment costs, and individual scenarios differently according to the needs of your application, but there is a solution for every user.

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