Deafening neighbours? Get RF Armor today at 2015 prices!

Are you experiencing a loss of network performance caused by co-location interference? Maximise your wireless throughput and stability with RF Armor today.



RF Armor produce Carrier Class RF shielding products primarily for the Ubiquiti Networks airMAX product line for the rapidly expanding Fixed Wireless Industry.


Why use RF Armor products?

Reduce interference

Their products greatly reduce front to back noise ratio, eliminating colocation interference and greatly reducing foreign/hostile interference.


Protection against the elements 

WISPs use these products to allow for better channel planning, protection of the Radio and Jumpers from the elements while also increasing performance by providing a lower noise floor with higher sustainable air rates with fewer errors.


Increased performance

Research has shown an increase of up to 50% in performance / throughput with shielding!


Ensures longevity of airMAX products

RF Armor shield kits are made from marine grade aluminium, not painted or powder coated metal so they will last for years and extend the life of your Ubiquiti Networks airMAX gear as it protects the plastic from damaging UV and the effects of harsh environments!


Tried and tested 

RF Armor has been chamber tested and field proven for effectiveness for over 4 years; since its establishment in 2010.


RF Armor product line includes:

  • Shield Kits for :
    • Ubiquiti Rocket Dish Antennas
    • Ubiquiti airMAX NanoStation
    • Ubiquiti NanoBridge/PowerBeam
    • Ubiquiti Sector Antennas (including low gain and Titanium antennas)
  • Shielded RJ45 connectors



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