Cover more distance while offering the same throughput with Siklu’s 57-64 GHz Radio!

Cover more distance while offering the same throughput with Siklu’s 57-64 GHz Radio!

Looking for a cost-effective, high-capacity, outdoor small cell backhaul solution that you can roll out quickly and not have to worry about replacing in the next couple of years?

Siklus EtherHaul-600(EH-600) is a very small, easy and quick to deploy (from street lamps to rooftops) radio built for the outdoors. Designed using Siklu’s all-silicon radio technology the EH600 is the perfect small cell backhaul product as it operates in the V-band/57-64 GHz license-exempt band (providing gigabit Ethernet throughputs to future-proof the backhaul network). To help with the mass deployment of small cells the EtherHaul-600 unit cost is competitively priced, boasts extremely low power consumption and, as mentioned, is extremely easy to install.


Not sure what we mean by V-Band?

V-band has 7GHz of available spectrum over 57-64 GHz. This huge amount of bandwidth allows for wide, non-overlapping channels of 250MHz, 500MHz and even more!

And this (wide channels) in turn allows millimetre wave vendors, such as Siklu, to deliver gigabit or multi-gigabit wireless systems, using simple modulation schemes (meaning that the resulting modem complexity is low).


Whats so special about the 57-64GHz frequency band?

The 57-64 GHz frequency band provides numerous advantages for small cell wireless backhaul:

  • Offers more bandwidth space: Unlike most over-congested, licence-exempt bandwidths, this frequency band has ample bandwidth availability and can provide high-capacity gigabit throughputs.
  • High interference immunity: The natural propagation characteristics of this spectrum result in very high interference immunity that allows for high channel reuse and easy and quick frequency planning and allocation.
  • Licence-exempt bandwidth: Use of a license-exempt frequency band not only saves spectrum costs but can also result in very small form factor products, designed for quick and simple installation in the various street level environment scenarios.




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