Could Wi-Fi get any better? Yes: the Open-Mesh 5P-AC has arrived and it’s faster than ever before!

Could Wi-Fi get any better?  Yes: the Open-Mesh 5P-AC has arrived and it’s faster than ever before!

Open-Mesh has recently announced the launch of their latest Wireless AC range, the OM5P-AC. Meant as an upgrade for the OM5P-AN, this little guy packs a serious punch with a max throughput of 1,17Gbps!

The OM5P-AC is 802.11AC, dual-band access point, that’s managed via a FREE cloud based controller (CloudTrax, which means no hardware or licence fees) that allows you to easily deploy professional, robust wireless networks anywhere.

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With the ability to support 20-50 simultaneous users, this access point is ideal for dense environments with a large number of access points, such as hotel rooms, apartment complexes, dorm rooms, care facilities, restaurants, retail stores and offices. Pair this access point in an OM Series Ceiling or Ethernet wall jack enclosure for elegant in-room or ceiling installations close to network users. With dual radios, the OM5P-AC supports higher speeds available in the 5 GHz 802.11ac spectrum along with support for legacy devices that are only 2.4 GHz capable.


The OM5P-AC features both standard 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE), so you can run it off a PoE switch, and passive 24v PoE, so you can use Open-Mesh’s PoE injectors. It’s also compatible with a 24v universal power supply.


The OM5P-AC includes a hardware watchdog chip that will restart the router should it lock up due to environmental or power spikes or shortages. This greatly minimizes truck rolls and customer service calls.


The OM5P-AC performs best as a wired access point. It performs well as a mesh repeater when paired with a high-power gateway such as the MR1750. We do not recommend using this model as a mesh gateway.


“802.11ac-Ready” at launch
The OM5P-AC is our 802.11ac replacement for the OM5P-AN. Future firmware updates will be able to unlock its performance potential with no hardware upgrades required. The OM5P-AC allows you to future-proof your networks with ac hardware, with no increase in price over the 802.11n version.




Quick Recap of the top Features:


Dual Band 802.11ac
Deploy concurrent 2.4GHz + 5GHz ac-ready networks to let newer phones, tablets and laptops fly while still supporting legacy devices.


High performance
The OM5P-AC is available in a 2×2, 1.17 Gbps MIMO configuration for exceptional speed over short distances in dense environments.


Compatible with Open Mesh’s line of modular enclosures for easy installations indoors and out.


Includes a free license for CloudTrax, Open Mesh’s cloud-based network controller. Manage unlimited APs and networks with a few clicks – nothing to install on-site.


Traffic insights
See what’s happening on your network with application reporting at the network edge.


User insight
With device fingerprinting, you’ll know who is on your network in terms of device operating system, name, bandwidth used and more.


Mesh technology enables access points to work together to form a self-organizing, self-healing wireless network.


White label 
White label for systems integrators, resellers and IT consultants. No logos or links on boxes or access points.


802.3af PoE
Support for 802.3af PoE and 12-24v passive PoE to power your access points up to 300 feet away over a single Ethernet cable.


Multiple SSIDs
Multiple SSIDs allow you to broadcast up to four unique networks, some as public hotspots and others private.


Your brand
Custom-branded splash pages automatically scale to fit any device or use Facebook Wi-Fi to let users check-in to your page before using the web for free.


Outage alerts
Automated outage alerts by email if any access point goes down and doesn’t come back up within an hour.


Custom authentication
Authenticate users with WPA2 or WPA-Enterprise security; charge for access, use vouchers and connect to your hotel PMS system.*


Bandwidth management
Set upload and download caps on each user and block individual devices to ensure there is enough bandwidth available for everyone.


A built-in firewall prevents users on the public network from seeing each other or your wired network by default.


Mobile apps
Build, manage and monitor your networks with free iOS and Android apps. No PC required.

*PMS integration is a partner service.


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