Connect any analogue phone to our BDCOM fibre ONU

Connect any analogue phone to our BDCOM fibre ONU

With reported copper cable theft amounting to an estimate of R863m in 2019 alone, it is understandable why telecommunications service providers are moving away from traditional copper infrastructure to more modern fibre infrastructure.

The traditional copper infrastructure is perfectly suitable for voice signal, as that is what it was intended for, but it still comes with limitations such as higher attenuation and shorter propagation. Whereas the more modern, fibre infrastructure, offers lower attenuation and longer propagation.

Service providers that specialise in providing fibre and voice services to end users might come across the scenario where customers have existing analogue telephones and are reluctant to switch over to a more advanced and effective system.  In order to keep costs at a minimum without sacrificing performance, it is crucial to implement a solution that can seamlessly integrate with older analogue phone technology.

This is where BDCOM’S Wi-Fi ONU with FXS ports come into play. This ONU not only terminates the fibre connection and provides Wi-Fi coverage, but will also connect your existing telephone without the need for your old (if not stolen) copper line. The shift from copper to fibre as a telephony solution offers the end user many benefits, but the major benefits include improved call quality and line stability. By integrating BDCOM’s Wi-Fi ONU into your telephony solutions end users will no longer have to be reliant on big Telcos and can at last experience the service benefits of dealing with smaller, customer-centric, service providers.

By integrating BDCOM’s ONU, service providers can offer a simple transition for clients who are hesitant to adopt new technology, by allowing them to continue using their analogue phones, but with the attractive and affordable prices of VoIP.


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