Clear, reliable hands-free calling with Talk2 headsets

Clear, reliable hands-free calling with Talk2 headsets

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Unified communications (UC) has brought together data and voice into a single network, allowing employees to communicate with one another in new ways. However, it hasn’t solved one basic problem-holding a phone to your face while working on your PC.

You can bridge the physical gap between advanced communication technology, your mouth and ears by incorporating the ergonomically designed Talk2 headsets into your VoIP solution and enjoy the following benefits:


Free your hands so that you can work, take notes, open drawers to find files and many other things while on the phone. The physical freedom that Talk2 headsets provide lets you determine how much attention to give to the phone call, letting you potentially increase your productivity.

Sound Quality

Optimize sound quality for both ends of the conversation with Talk2’s noise-cancelling mic technology that filters out background sounds. The Talk2 headsets feature HD Audio speakers and an adjustable microphone for comfort.


If you’ve ever tried to hold a phone to your face while you take notes or typing, you know that traditional desk phones aren’t very comfortable to use if you also need both hands. Headsets are more comfortable, and actually better for your health. Talk2 headsets are ergonomically designed to reduce stress on the neck, shoulder and upper back.




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