Deliberant iPoll TDMA

Deliberant iPoll TDMA protocol the what, how and where, but more importantly...... what is the benifit.....!! iPoll is Deliberant's propriatory wireless TDMA (time devision miltiple access) protocol iPoll syncronizes wireless communication between the base station and subscribers It eliminates mediated access by polling every subscriber sequentially iPoll maximizes usable throughput by inteligintly mitigating interference iPoll minimizes [...]

Miro: now an official distributor of Deliberant & LigoWave products

Deliberant and LigoWave have recently appointed Miro as an official distributor for their product range in Southern Africa. Bill Brown, the spokesperson for both the Deliberant and LigoWave brands, said the following when asked why they decided to partner with Miro: “We felt that Miro’s reputation as a valued supplier to South Africa and other [...]


A very short and quick blog post with lots of power!!! I wanted to share a very valuable document regarding the Deliberant APC series. This document gives you absolutely all the specification and info that you need to either sell or buy these products. Please follow the link below to open or download the document APC series [...]