Learn more about Cambium Networks’ new range of cloud managed switches

Learn more about Cambium Networks’ new range of cloud managed switches

Cambium Networks offers one of the most comprehensive end-to-end networking solutions in the world, which now rings even more true with the latest addition to their portfolio – the cnMatrix enterprise switch range.

The cnMatrix range of PoE and non-PoE switches offer a wide array of exciting features that enhance and support Cambium’s entire portfolio. The cnMatrix works in unity with Cambium’s revolutionary network management platform, cnMaestro. The combination of cnMaestro with Cambium’s switching, backhaul and Wi-Fi solutions equip network operators with the hardware and software they need to build an unbeatable networking experience while maintaining robust security and reducing cost.

As with Cambium’s cnPilot access points, the process of connecting your CnMatrix switches to the cnMaestro could not be easier. With zero-touch configuration your switches can be onboarded onto cnMaestro without even having to take them out of the box. You can simply onboard the switch using its serial number on cnMaestro which essentially makes it a plug and play device. This significantly reduces time and offers unparalleled scalability when deploying a network. The user-friendly design allows for easy deployment, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting.

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To further compliment the CnMatrix’s rich feature set, these switches offer strong Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities. As a layer 2 switch, the CnMatrix allows network operators to connect multiple network nodes to a single device and enables advanced IEEE switching features. These features include VLAN tagging, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) and even link aggregation. All of these features contribute to the scalability, flexibility and automation of your network switch. On the other hand, with the support of the Layer 3 functionality, network operators can introduce options like DHCP Server Relay, the process of allowing and disallowing certain IP addresses within your network through VLAN tagging.

Cambium Network’s cnMatrix switches boast a 5-year warranty, provides an affordable, feature-rich, unified wired and wireless network that is managed through a single pane of glass- with no licensing fees. Start simplifying your network deployments with the perfect combination of cnPilot access points, cnMatrix switches and manage it all with the cnMaestro network management system.


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