Deliver broadband capacity where it is needed most!

Deliver broadband capacity where it is needed most!

Deploy wireless broadband to dense, difficult to reach areas with Cambium’s brand new high capacity MicroPOP solution. Reach users quicker and more conveniently- without the need to invest in fibre.


Cambium’s MicroPOP MP 3000 access point features an integrated Omni antenna and can be combined with any combination of up to 64 of the ePMP Force 300 subscriber module series as well as Cambium’s Force 180/190/200 with backwards compatibility. Deploying Cambium’s MP 3000 and ePMP subscriber modules create a hub-and-spoke backhaul for multiple Wi-Fi access points, making it the perfect solution for outdoor Wi-Fi. For example, when deploying public Wi-Fi at a music festival you will be able to use the ePMP 3000 MP base station to distribute internet connectivity to multiple Cambium Force 300 Subscriber modules within a 360-degree radius. These subscriber modules can then be connected directly or, via a cnMatrix switch, to multiple cnPilot Wi-Fi Access Points. Ultimately eliminating the need to lay cables in order to connect all of your access points. This entire end-to-end network is managed from a bird’s eye view by cnMaestro.

Get in touch with our experts for advice on how you can extend their network footprint and build a sustainable business by connecting the under-connected and unconnected communities of the world!

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