Introducing Cambium’s most cost-effective CPE to date

Introducing Cambium’s most cost-effective CPE to date

We understand that wireless service providers are faced with the challenge of delivering reliable connectivity in overcrowded environments at the best cost possible and that finding the right broadband connectivity solution on a budget can be challenging.

Cambium aims to address this by introducing the cost-effective Cambium ePMP Force 130. The module provides up to 140 Mbps of throughput and is the ideal solution for short-range backhaul or multipoint applications. Available in the 5GHz spectrum, this subscriber module includes QoS management features, ensuring outstanding quality for triple play services such as VoIP, video and data and further also provides three levels of traffic priority.

The ePMP Force 130 is compatible with the ePMP 1000 and ePMP 2000 Access Points. It also inter-operates with the ePMP 3000 in backwards compatible mode.

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