Cambium ePMP 101: How to set up the perfect ePMP link

Cambium ePMP 101: How to set up the perfect ePMP link

Wireless service providers and enterprises need reliable, high-quality broadband connectivity that can be rapidly deployed and expanded. With the Cambium ePMP platform, you can provide stable coverage across large service areas and enhance your existing infrastructure.

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Have a look at the following videos and see how you can improve your Cambium ePMP solution:

Learn how to configure Quality of Service (QoS) on ePMP and get up and running in no time

How To Interpret Key Performance Statistics

How To Perform Basic Troubleshooting

How To Configure ePMP Modes Of Operation

How To Create A Low Latency ePTP Link

How To Connect An AP And SM

How To View The Bridge Table

How To Back Up And Restore ePMP Devices

How To Upgrade GPS Sync Access Point Firmware

How To Use ePMP eDetect

How To Upgrade ePMP Device Software

How To Configure An Access Point Using Quick Start

How To Configure Maximum Information Rate

How To View Station Click Through

How To Configure An ePMP Access Point For GPS Sync

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