Your business also deserves AFFORDABLE, reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi!

Your business also deserves AFFORDABLE, reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi!

Create a stable, secure wireless network to meet all your business needs in no time without breaking the bank; with the high-powered EnGenius Neutron Indoor Ceiling-Mount Access Point. This powerful solution can be quickly and easily deployed and operated with little to no networking experience.

Here’s what you need to know about the EWS300AP:

Experience fast file transfers & smooth video streaming with high-speed 802.11n wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps supports demanding business applications. 

Achieve a Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per deployment making the EWS300AP the most affordable Access Point in its class demonstrates reliable, high-performance at extended ranges for large homes, small businesses and schools. With no AP licensing fees, annual subscriptions or tech support charges, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time and cost in network management. 

Can operate as a Stand-alone AP or part of a scalable WLAN management solution. Deploy as a standalone AP for or as a part of a scalable Neutron WLAN Solution managed via a WLAN Controller Switch or centrally managed via ezMaster software. 

Unlimited flexibility and scalability as your network needs grow, manage a few or over 1,000 Neutron devices on networks in different locations and 10 – 10,000 concurrent users with or without an on-site controller.

Get visibly rich reporting and analytics with EzMaster, providing a complete network visibility in areas such as traffic flow, demand, network topology and more. 

Captive Portal – Corporate Branded, Regulated, Secure Internet Access for Customers. Ideal for retail stores, coffee shops, hotels and other organizations that offer Internet access to customers. 

Can be implement as a Cloud-based, remote or locally managed platform. EzMaster’s flexible deployment options offer greater manageability regardless of network size, location, infrastructure, scale and ISP.



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