Tenda Technologies has been empowering networking collaboration for many years. With a large focus on R&D, Tenda remains committed to providing excellence through their entire product range.

With a full range of networking equipment, Tenda offers clients a complete SOHO solution for indoor and outdoor applications. Clients can choose from a range of switches - PoE to non-PoE. From 10/100 to gigabit. From rackmount to desktop. Mobile 4G LTE routers to wireless USB adapters and repeaters. Tenda offers clients a dynamic, holistic networking solution!

Affordable and easy-to-install networking solutions for your home or business!

Tenda's wide range of SOHO solutions span from switches, routers and mesh Wi-Fi systems.

Smart dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi routers

Experience the fastest, most reliable internet performance with Tenda’s extensive range of Wi-Fi routers. Enjoy bandwidth intensive activities like gaming and streaming with less lag and performance degradation.

Whole home mesh Wi-Fi systems

Tenda's mesh technology ensures a robust wireless network and maximises Wi-Fi signals for faster and reliable home and business Wi-Fi.

Compact and cost-effective SOHO switches

Tenda's switches are the ideal solutions for network expansion and can be used for a variety of applications ranging from small enterprises all the way to home applications. Tenda’s network switches are easy to install and maintain due to their plug-and-play design

NOVA Mesh Node

The Nova MW5, a flagship of Tenda Technologies, is a home Wi-Fi mesh system designed for large households, . Powered by Tenda’s mesh technology, each node automatically connects to the other, creating a distributed Wi-Fi network throughput your entire home, making setup a breeze

Home Wi-Fi made easy with Tenda's WiFi App

Regulate parental control, create guest networks and upgrade your devices remotely to create the smart home you've always wanted.

For the home-user looking for complete control over their WiFi system, look no further than Tenda's management app. Making life simple and easy.

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