Teltonika offers clients a simple and affordable IoT connectivity solution that will open a whole world of possibilities that you’ve never even thought of, all using an infrastructure that’s already in place and accessible in almost 100% of South Africa – the existing 3G/LTE networks.

Connecting Anything:

  • With Teltonika’s range of products you can connect anything with an ethernet, digital input/output or serial interface.
  • One unit does it all
  • Extremely easy to get multiple devices on a single network

Connect Anywhere:

  • The Teltonika industrial grade IoT over 3G/LTE solutions make it possible to use the existing 3G and LTE networks to get connectivity to IP networks, sensors or other devices virtually anywhere in the country.
  • Save money on developing costly private networks by using existing mobile networks
  • Take your connectivity everywhere you go
  • Teltonika’s products are made to industrial standards, maximizing uptime and reliability. No more frequent rebooting and intervention required.
  • Ultimate reliability for always-on connectivity
  • Easy-to-use, simplified set-up and scalable centralized management

IoT: Teltonika - Industrial 3G/LTE
IoT: Teltonika - Automotive LTE
IoT: Teltonika - Industrial Ethernet Routers
IoT: Teltonika - Teltonika Accessories
IoT: Teltonika - Teltonika RMS
IoT: Teltonika - Fleet Management
IoT: Teltonika - Personal Trackers
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