Talkto headsets were designed for the multi-purpose user, to create harmony amongst growing call volumes and managing increasing workload. These headsets were designed for the user who needs to multi-task, who needs clear, crisp call quality and a stylish earpiece to match.

A Higher Quality Headset

Talkto has established itself as an universal headset for every type of user, offering a range of Binaural and Monaural devices. With the latest in noise-cancelling technology, it's specifically designed for those wanting to grow their unified communications platform whilst keeping high productivity.


Free your hands so that you can continue working while on the phone. The physical freedom that Talkto headsets provide gives you the ability to determine how much attention to give to the phone call, enabling you to increase your productivity.

Sound Quality

Optimise sound quality for both ends of the conversation with Talkto’s noise-cancelling microphone technology which filters out background sounds. The Talkto headsets feature HD Audio speakers and an adjustable microphone for comfort.

Talkto ECO Range of Monaural or Binaural headsets:


  • Light-weight design
  • Superb receiver audio quality
  • Excellent noise-cancellation
  • Anti acoustic shock circuit
  • 330° rotatable microphone arm
  • 180° rotatable joint of speaker and headband
  • 60 mm adjustable pliable steel headband
  • Quick disconnect for leaving desk without taking headset off

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