RF Elements

Technology for fast, sustainable wireless

RF elements technology delivers fast, massively scalable wireless while addressing the issue of RF pollution, proper use of spectrum and sustainable growth. Their unique approach makes RF elements technology excellent at rejecting noise, eliminating RF system loss and achieving massive scalability of wireless networks.

Massive Scalability

By solving the two biggest problems, RF Noise and RF Loss, RF elements unlocks a whole new dimension of wireless networking. WISPs can now supply their customers’ increasing demands for connectivity by deploying more sectors for higher density areas. By using RF elements technology, ISPs can instantly multiply the performance of their networks and the value that they can offer their customers.

Noise Rejection

Instead of dealing with excessive amounts of noise by using complex and expensive methods, such as active filtering or GPS synchronisation,  RF elements focuses on the fundamentals of correct signal propagation. Their revolutionary antennas, based on Horn antenna technology, do not have side lobes which allows them to reject noise. Side radiation is directly related to noise: radios transmit and receive interference from unwanted directions. Their noise rejection features are unique and define a new class of wireless in performance, cost and spectrum efficiency.

Zero Loss

The main reason for RF signal loss is transmission of the RF signal between the radio and antenna. Typically signals travel via coaxial cables and connectors, where signal is simply lost. Their proprietary TwistPort™ waveguide connector has no cables and no coaxial components. It uses a waveguide to transport the RF signal between the radio and antenna. In comparison to the current market standard, such as RP-SMA coaxial connectors, the TwistPort™ is virtually lossless. It is also very durable and extremely easy to use. Connecting radios is brilliantly simple - “twist and lock” - all done with one hand!


TwistPort™ Adaptors make the most popular radios compatible with any TwistPort™ (TP) Antennas. They allow easy integration with Ubiquiti Networks™ Rocket™ radios, MikroTik™ RouterBoards™ and Cambium Networks™ ePMP1000 radios.


Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas are scalar horns with a symmetrical beam radiation pattern and industry changing TwistPort™ connectors. They offer unique features: excellent noise rejection, lossless connection of radio and massive scalability options for higher sector density. Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas have no side lobes, instead they focus all the energy into one main beam, receiving no signal outside of their main beam. Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas allow you to instantly multiply the throughput on your tower! Come with precise radiation angles, from 30 to 90 degrees.


UltraDish™ TP Antennas are high-gain directional parabolic antennas with a TwistPort™ lossless connector. These Antennas are highly directional with depressed side lobes for ultimate performance.


UltraHorn™ TP Antennas are highly directional scalar horn antennas for point-to-point connections. They offer all the benefits of scalar horns: ultra-noise rejection, lossless connection of radio and symmetrical beam with no side lobes. UltraHorn™ TP Antennas receive significantly less noise and achieve amazing performance in noisy environments. No need to spend more money for radomes, shrouds or additional shielding, UltraHorn™ TP antennas have everything. And with our innovative mount even the installation is an easy task.


Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class are scalar horn antennas with a symmetrical beam radiation pattern without side lobes. They offer unique features: excellent noise rejection and supreme scalability option for higher sector density. Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class Antennas feature N-type female connectors, allowing connection with a wide range of radios, such as , Cambium Networks™ , LigoWave™, RADWIN, Mimosa™ and many others.


Sector Carrier Class Antennas are optimized for the best MiMo performance and cluster deployment. The antennas feature our patent pending BackShield™ technology that attenuates side lobes and backside near-field radiation and significantly improves the co-location ability. Thanks to balanced performance between horizontal and vertical antenna systems Sector Carrier Class Antennas excel in MiMo deployments.

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