NUUO is one of the leading global surveillance solution providers known for its reliability, prompt service and innovative spirit. NUUO’s VMS (Video Management Systems) and NVR (Network Video Recorders) solution offers comprehensive recording, monitoring, and seamless 3rd party solution integration for IP and analogue. NUUO is committed to providing sophisticated yet powerful video-centric solutions to its clients. With over 100,000 global installations, NUUO has a solution in place for every vertical industry, including retail, education, industrial, transportation, hospitality, government and more. NUUO is a global leader in hardware (Network Video RecordersNVR) and software (Video Management SystemsVMS) for Video Surveillance applications. NUUO’s NVR and VMS solutions offer comprehensive recording and monitoring for IP and analogue cameras. With NUUO you are not limited to any specific brand of camera; it integrates seamlessly with cameras from more than 80 manufacturers. On projects where a multitude of camera brands may be present, NUUO provides a central platform to integrate and manage the video footage.
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