Mimosa Networks is a pioneer in gigabit wireless technology. Mimosa uses a comprehensive "Cloud to Client" strategy, bringing disruptive technology advancements to every layer of the Internet access network to make wireless a scalable solution for every type of community worldwide. Mimosa wants to change the wireless world by building technology capable of outrageous throughput, next level interference avoidance and more subscribers per AP.



The B11, B5 and B5c deliver aggregate speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps, with less than 1 ms of latency. Mimosa’s unique GPS Sync technology allows collocation and channel reuse. These products are built for reliability, with IP67 ratings and Dual-Link wireless redundancy.



With end-to-end solutions for short and long-range wireless deployments, Mimosa’s access points, antennas and clients provide superior speeds to meet today’s networking demands.


Custom-designed accessories enable rapid and cost-effective deployments. From industry-leading antennas, mounts and ESD protection, Mimosa makes installations easy.


Subscriber growth, interference and environmental fluctuations continually impact your wireless network. Mimosa’s goal is to make sure you can easily design and manage your network to provide the service your end customer’s demand.

Mimosa Cloud services bring simple network planning and big data analytics to your wireless network to help your business grow.


Whether you want the high reliability of licensed frequencies, or the overnight speed of unlicensed deployments, Mimosa’s fiber-fast wireless broadband solutions give cable operators the ability to extend coverage and service quickly and at a competitive price point. No trenching.  No lengthy permit process. Within days, your customers are seamlessly connected via both wired and wireless networks.

Trenching or stringing fiber is a costly and lengthy process involving a number of complicated steps including permitting, securing skilled labor and planning for backup links in the eventuality of accidental cuts.

A wireless PTP Shorthaul link can provide fiber-fast broadband at a fraction of the cost and time to deploy.

Broadband Wireless: Mimosa - 5GHz Backhaul Radio
Broadband Wireless: Mimosa - PTMP Access Points
Broadband Wireless: Mimosa - PTMP Client Radio
Carrier Wireless: 11GHz - Mimosa Backhaul Radio
Antennas & Masts: 5 GHz - Omni Directional
Antennas & Masts: 5 GHz - Mounting Accessories
Antennas & Masts: 5 GHz - Sectorised MIMO
Antennas & Masts: 5 GHz - Parabolic Dish MIMO
Antennas & Masts: 10 GHz - Mimosa B11
Power & Surge: Surge Protection - Surge Arrestors
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