Masts & Brackets

3 m Mast Sections

Stack these 3 m sections on top of one another to create a rigid lattice tower that can be stacked up to 30 m high and can withstand the elements. They are designed with a stronger structure for heavy duty implementations and provide better torsional resistance due to the improved and durable K-brace design.

Lattice Mast Guy Rope Kit – Top and Bottom Section

Designed for guyed installations up to 30 m, the Lattice Mast Guy Rope Kit is the most cost-effective way to gain height and stability for your equipment. The guy rope kit is specifically designed to easily connect to the integrated flange joints found on the mast sections and the concrete foundation on the bottom-end, reducing the time it takes to setup your high-site.

Micro Instruments LED Aircraft Beacon

Accessorize your mast with our LED Aircraft Beacon, designed for long life, high brightness, and energy efficiency.

Y-Base Assembly

The Y-Base assembly is a single component that comprises of a Y-Base which is attached to the first 3 m section of the mast. The Y-Base is hinged and can be oriented to any hinge direction as required.

Y-Base Casting Cage

The casting cage attaches to the Y-Base Assembly and is placed underground before getting covered by concrete foundation. It is equal sided and therefore does not need to be placed in a specific position relative to the Y-Base. This minimizes the risk of mistakes happening during the installation.

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