LigoPTP - RapidFire

A 5 GHz point-to-point system with exceptional performance that delivers 700+ Mbps throughput. The carrier-grade design with a simple and friendly user interface makes RapidFire an ideal device for demanding backhaul links. LigoWave RapidFire delivers powerful performance with its new 1.2 GHz CPU dedicated for data processing and high (200,000) packet per second delivery. An internal 2.4 GHz radio allows access into the Rapidfire GUI by wireless connection from up to 20 metres away with any Wi-Fi equipped device, simplifying the installation process.


LigoPTMP – LigoBase and LigoSU

Delivering the ultimate 600 Mbps PtMP solution dedicated to capacity-demanding applications, the LigoPTMP series brings all the benefits of the LigoWave’s RapidFire range and pushes the limits of LigoWave technologies. These carrier-grade base stations and subscriber units are made for resource demanding applications.



This product line is dedicated for the last mile point-to-multipoint and light point-to-point applications in the unlicensed (2.4 and 5 GHz) band. A variety of models, including base stations and client devices, make the products ideal for Internet service providers, operators running their networks in the open bands, and security applications requiring stable, wireless connectivity. The included powerful software platform with proprietary communication protocol ensures smooth performance even in congested environments. The professional, all integrated hardware design allows quick return on investment and minimises operational cost.



The ultra-high performance point-to-multipoint system, delivering up to 500 Mbps capacity, is an ideal upgrade for service providers seeking to deliver more reliable connectivity and higher subscriber capacity. The LigoDLBac is backwards compatible with LigoDLB products that simplifies migration. The powerful and highly functional operating system with a user-friendly interface makes it easy to deploy and manage the network, even for new users.



LigoWave's Infinity series enterprise Wi-Fi system is made up of a variety of different access points built for specific applications. Some models include multiple radios, additional Ethernet ports, wall / ceiling mounts, and metal enclosures.


Infinity Controller

Infinity Controller is a new software platform to deploy, monitor and manage Infinity series WiFi access points. The controller supports an unlimited amount of devices and is ideal for large networks that can be remotely located across the country, and even different continents.

3 Ways to manage your network

-Standalone - Infinity series access points are configured individually via the web interface. This traditional scenario is suitable for small networks that do not require centralised management and maintenance.

-Integrated - The master access point works as a controller and shares the configuration with managed access points at the same time collecting statistical information.

-External - A local or cloud-based controller is used to manage and monitor the devices allowing deployment of large scale networks and management using a single system.

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